When playing on turf, keepers can feel the heat increase and grow unbearable.  With Blusol I feel a little heat on my feet but it is never uncomfortable and I can concentrate on making saves. 

- Angela Leist, GK for Tesoro High School


On a hot tennis court, Blusols keep you cool on your feet.  Simply put, Blusols work!

- Geoff Roche Director of Tennis University of Redlands



The heat on the turf effects the players and essentially effects the game.  Blusol gives us the edge we need to concentrate on the match and not worry about our feet burning.  At NDNU we feel the difference with our Blusols on. 

- BJ Noble, Director of Soccer  NDNU


Working construction can be back breaking work and me and my boys sweat bullets daily.  On hot days it is unbearable with the heat from the sun and the heat coming up through the feet.  Wearing Blusols have made a huge difference in my comfort at work.  

- Mario Puhala, Construction Worker


Always cool on my feet when I am on the beat! Thanks Blusol!

- Officer Ashlee Westall