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The ULTIMATE Solution for Burning Feet On Turf and Other Hot Surfaces!

Blusol is an adhesive insert applied directly to the bottom of the insole of any cleat or shoe. Using heat regulating technology, Blusol reduces heat that is normally transferred from the turf to the athlete’s feet.  There has long been a demand for a product like this, and it’s finally here!


Listen to Our Cheering Fans! 

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Playing on turf was always a struggle for my feet during the hot California summers.  But with Blusols, I no longer worry about blisters and I can fully focus on the game that I am playing.

- Jack McBean, Professional Soccer Player Colorado Rapids


Blusol addresses the health and safety concerns of extreme temperatures on synthetic turf during hot days.  My daughter uses them and I recommend them to any young person playing sports during hot temperatures.

- Dr. Karn Fu, Physician


The field turf gets so hot.  Once I started using Blusol it helped keep my legs much fresher.  It was amazing how such a little thing helped me play at such a higher level.

- Brady Jensen, Norco High School Football and Lacrosse Player